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About Me

Hi, I'm Thomas Blakemore, and I find it really awkward to talk about myself, but here we are! 

I'm a full-time teacher in Dubai, who makes YouTube videos about education, technology, life in the UAE and travel (when we were able to). 

In 2018, I started a YouTube channel to understand and learn strategies to engage my Year 6 students in the classroom, as YouTube was their obsession! It very quickly became a hobby and I found that learning new skills integrated well into my teaching practice. 

Fast forward three years, this hobby has now stemmed into a platform where I support educators, parents and students globally, whilst also being able to share stories about my own experiences along the way.

Here a few things I've worked on so far...

My Projects

I have written an e-book that explores what education is like in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), what the pros and cons of working here are and what to do to get a job in the UAE or further afield.

Within the guide, I show you exactly what to look for and take you through the step by step process of applying, what to prepare and how to interview effectively to achieve the role of your dreams.

The second guide will launch later in 2021 and will explore what you now need to know once you have secured the job.

As the world came to a stand-still and schools closed around the world, an influx of teachers began understanding and conquering a range of different learning management platforms and online tools to enhance their online curriculum. I spent a  large amount of my lockdown producing tutorials showing how to use a range of different websites to support and develop learning online. Google Education Suites, Seesaw and many other tutorials can be found within the playlist linked.

Bitmoji Tutorials

During the 15 weeks that I went through online, remote learning, I noticed that a new education trend started to develop. Bitmoji (the popular snapchat add on) became a new teacher obsession for many, including me. As part of this new-ound addiction, 'Bitmoji Blakemore' (a name I once heard in a comment) created a range of tutorials sharing how to create Interactive Bitmoji Classrooms on a range of learning management, beginning to understand what to do to enhance them further.

Thomas blakemore working on content related to teaching in dubai
Thomas Blakemore in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai
Bitmoji classroom for primary school teachers video by thomas blakemore who is a teacher in dubai
Seesaw tutorial for primary school teachers video by thomas blakemore who is a teacher in dubai
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