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Moving To The UAE Videos

When I first moved to the UAE, support, guidance, and information about the country I was about to move to was quite limited which led to me making a range of different mistakes when I first moved out here. The process of moving abroad can be extremely stressful so hopefully, the guide and videos below will support you with the process. Don't forget to check out the teaching guides below.

My Mistakes Moving To Dubai

My Mistakes Moving To Dubai

My Mistakes When Moving To Dubai. Here are just some of them. For more information about the RIGHT way to move to the UAE based on my mistakes, check out the guide: Money transfers: #teachingindubai #dubaiexpat #movingtodubai Intro- 00:00- 1:10 Mistake 1 1:11- 2:25 Mistake 2 2:26-3:02 Mistake 3 3:03- 4:06 Mistake 4 4:07- 4:40 Mistake 5 4:41- 4:56 Mistake 6 4:57- 5:07 Mistake 7 5:08- 5:56 Mistake 8 5:57- 6:14 Mistake 9 6:15- 6:51 Mistake 10 6:52- 7:21 Mistake 11: 7:22 8:50 Mistake 12 8:51-10:00 ------------------------------------- ►Welcome to the channel! If you’re new, Feel free to Subscribe -------------------------------------- ►Dubai videos -------------------------------------- CHECK OUT MY TEACHING GUIDE ►GET A JOB TEACHING IN DUBAI GUIDE- ►MOVING TO DUBAI GUIDE- ►GET YOUR FIRST ECT JOB- -------------------------------------- CONTACT ME ►EMAIL- ------------------------------------------ FOLLOW ME ►INSTAGRAM - ►TIKTOK - ►FACEBOOK- ►TWITTER - ►LINKEDIN - ------------------------------------------ THE VPN I USE GLOBALLY ► SEND YOUR BAG ABROAD ► AMAZON STORE FRONT ► Music used (Non- Copyright) Dyalla, Halfpast love Music used (Non- Copyright)
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