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A Guide To Help You Get Your Dream Teaching Job In The UAE

A Guide To Help You Get Your Dream Teaching Job In The UAE


A Guide To Help You Get Your Dream Teaching Job In The UAE:


This e-book guide is packed full of support to support you in your process of researching, identifying, applying for and getting a teaching role in the UAE.


With practical advice and insider tips, this guide will help you navigate the UAE job market, understand the visa process, and prepare for interviews.


Whether you're a seasoned teacher or just starting out, this guide is the perfect tool to help you achieve your career goals in the UAE.


With clear and concise information, this guide will empower you to make informed decisions and take actionable steps towards your dream teaching job.


Don't miss out on this valuable resource – take the first step towards your exciting new teaching career in the UAE




  • What's Included?

    This guide's structure will help lead you to a teaching career here.
    The Ebook includes:

    • How the education landscape differs here in the UAE
    • How I became a teacher in Dubai
    • Subject differences
    • Pros and Cons of Living in the UAE
    • Pros and Cons of Teaching in the UAE (The most detailed on the internet)
    • Requirements to teach in the UAE
    • What to expect from a UAE teaching package
    • Where to find jobs
    • Agencies
    • Can you teach in the UAE as an NQT?
    • What makes a good International School?
    • UAE Job Application Tips
    • How To Write A CV
    • A CV Example
    • Additional CV Writing Tips
    • Writing a personal statement
    • Types of Interview
    • Interview Tips
    • Typical Interview Questions
    • Questions you could ask
    • A large Frequently asked questions section.
  • No Questions Asked Return Policy

    I am confident that you find the information and support within this guide satisfactory; however, as a focal point of this platform, if you find this guide does not meet your desired requirements, please contact me below to receive a refund:

  • E-book Information

    As this guide is in the form of an e-book PDF and EPUB inside a ZIP file, you will receive it immediately. Please note that the Ebook will have a range of different links that you can interact with to direct you to important websites such as places to find teaching roles.

    The download link will expire after 30 days for security reasons but I can always resend a new link.

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