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Google For Education Videos

During online learning, I created a range of different videos on the channel 'Thomas Blakemore' to support primary school teachers globally to build confidence with different elements within the platform.

Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers
How To Write On Google Slides

How To Write On Google Slides

►Google Slides is a fantastic resource for in-person and distance learning. While it was fantastic for distance learning, I found it challenging to annotate and write on Google Slides while teaching in a way that suits the learners. This tutorial shows you how you can write on google slides through using the sponsor, MyViewBoard. MyViewBoard is a brilliant FREE tool which can make life easier for teachers. Download the link here. The monitor with touch functionality for Windows is here too: #googleslides #googleclassroom #edtech -------------------------------------- Welcome to the channel! If you’re new, Feel free to Subscribe ►See my teaching playlist here: ►Videos For NQTs/ Student teachers -------------------------------------- CHECK OUT MY TEACHING GUIDE ►GET A JOB TEACHING IN DUBAI GUIDE- ►MOVING TO DUBAI GUIDE- ►GET YOUR FIRST ECT JOB- -------------------------------------- CONTACT ME ►EMAIL- ------------------------------------------ FOLLOW ME ►INSTAGRAM - ►TIKTOK - ►FACEBOOK- ►TWITTER - ►LINKEDIN - ------------------------------------------ THE VPN I USE GLOBALLY ► SEND YOUR BAG ABROAD ► AMAZON STORE FRONT ► All songs used are Non-copyrighted. I do not hold the rights to these tracks but credit is given below: Kimengumi, Myspace
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