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The Complete ECT/ NQT Guide To Getting Your First job

The Complete ECT/ NQT Guide To Getting Your First job


About the guide:

Applying for your first teaching job can be extremely overwhelming on top of the many stressful tasks that you need to complete during teacher training which is why I decided to create this guide. The guide is a step-by-step walk-through of how to create the best application possible with a range of advice and templates to support you with the writing process. It also has a range of comprehensive example questions along with questions to help you excel during your interview.

  • What's Included?

    What's inside:

    • Where to start and how to look for your first teaching role
    • The types of schools and what makes a good school 
    • School visits and how to approach them
    • Application support and tips
    • How to write a winning CV
    • Example CV template
    • CV writing tips 
    • How to write a meaningful cover letter 
    • A cover letter example/ template 
    • How to writing a personal statement
    • Personal statement example / template
    • Cover letter and personal statement additional tips
    • Interview support, tips  and what to expect
    • Effective ways to answer interview questions
    • Example Interview questions     
    • Resilience
  • No Questions Asked Return Policy

    I am confident that you find the information and support within this guide satisfactory; however, as a focal point of this platform, if you find this guide does not meet your desired requirements, please contact me below to receive a refund:

  • E-book Information

    As this guide is in the form of an e-book PDF, you will receive it immediately. Please note that the PDF will have a range of different links that you can interact with to direct you to important websites such as places to find teaching roles.

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