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A Guide For Teachers Moving To The UAE

A Guide For Teachers Moving To The UAE


This Ebook is a comprehensive guide to support you with plans and procedures for both getting things sorted in the UK ready for the move and everything you need to know when moving to the UAE.

This is the guide that I needed when I moved to the UAE as it saves time, money, and ultimately stress, making the move a little bit easier.

  • What's Included:

    The guide’s structure is split into two parts to help you with the move:
    Part 1- Before you move includes:

    • Attestation process
    • What to pack and why
    • Information about the UAE
    • Laws that you will need to consider
    • Family documentation to consider
    • VPSs
    • Extra things to consider before leaving for the UAE
    • The UAE’s different Emirates information


    Part 2- ‘When you arrive’ includes:

    • How to set up your phone (SIM cards)
    • What to do during the first week
    • Getting your visa and Emirates ID
    • Information about public transport
    • How to get driving in the UAE
    • Accommodation areas in Dubai
    • How to Rent an apartment  and what to consider
    • Where to buy furniture and cheaply if needed
    • How to set up local Banking and cards
    • Sending money home - international transfers
    • Food shopping and where to buy things cheaply
    • Useful apps and social media to save you time
    • Best ways to Meet people 
  • No Questions Asked Return Policy

    I am confident that you find the information and support within this guide satisfactory; however, as a focal point of this platform, if you find this guide does not meet your desired requirements, please contact me below to receive a refund:

  • E-book Information

    As this guide is in the form of an e-book PDF, you will receive it immediately. Please note that the PDF integrates a range of different links and navigation tools such as an interactive contents page which helps you get to the correct section easier.

    Certain links within the guide have been integrated to make downloading additional supportive resources (like apps) easier.

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