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17 lessons I would tell myself from 10 years ago

thomas blakemore 10 years ago

So I recently stumbled upon this Facebook post from many years ago. It made me thing about that time and how I have no clue what was going on back then and how I would go on to developing and live dreams in the future. What was your life like 10 years ago?

thomas blakemore 16
Me at 16. I hated the camera at 17.

Please tell me it wasn't only me that tried to go for the Troy Bolton look in Secondary school.

Here’s 10 lessons for 17 year old me.

1.) Read more! Learn from those who have already done the learning

2.) You’ll get more enjoyment from the process than the outcome

3.) Write things down! Don’t just think about them!

4.) On thinking, stop overthinking: The people, the friends and the goals

5.) Hurt people, hurt people

6.) The hardest thing for people to say is ‘help!’ but you NEED to.

7.) Don’t focus on everything, just take a single step.

8.) Sometimes you need to take a step back to move forward

9.) Focus in people who make life colourful, not grey.

10.) Enjoy the little things: walks, travel, food, family

I wanted this to be 10 but I’ll continue:

11.) Sleep more. If you think you’ll be able to sleep when you’re dead, it’s true but you’ll be dead sooner.

12.) Gym will be your solitude

13.) Walk the dog more! You have no idea how important that is!

14.) Podcasts will be your form of meditation

Finally, start that YouTube channel you’re thinking about. You have no idea where it will take you!

Oh yeah…The world doesn’t end in 2012 so stop wasting your time researching it!

What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

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