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Bitmoji Classroom Tutorial (Google Slides)

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

  1. New Slide

  2. Insert a background: Slide - Change background - Choose Image (PDF, Google Image search (wall and floor) - Select image - Insert.

  3. Class elements (I.e. whiteboard, rug, etc.): Insert - Image - Search from web (put transparent to ensure no white boxes around such as ‘plant transparent’ - Choose Image - Drag and Drop or Insert - Position and Resize to desired spec.

  4. Colourise Images to match own classrooM: Right click on image - Format Options - Recolour - Choose Option.

  1. Adapt images: Right click - Rotate - Flip horizontally

  2. Also worth knowing right click - order : to move images backwards and forwards to create layers.

  3. Embed Links: click on image or text - Insert - Link - (can be PDF, other Webpage, YouTube video, etc.) - copy and paste link into box - apply. Good for links to books or research.

  4. Write on whiteboard: Insert - Text - Type Message. Can then include links to video or slides from YouTube, Google drive, etc.

  5. Insert Actual video: Insert - Video - Search ‘YouTube’ - Insert link or search for video - Select - Insert (Can also upload video from Drive). Video then embedded within slide - can change size and position as with images.

  6. Bitmoji Person: Install Bitmoji Chrome Extension - Log in - Refresh page and extension will appear - click on Bitmoji extension - search desired image using search bar - drag and drop - position and resize as required. Can use to insert links as mentioned above.

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