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How to attest your documents for the UAE (UK specific)

It's been a privilege to hear that so many people have used guide 1 to help get a job in Dubai. One question I get asked frequently is 'How do I attest my documents?' While that information is a part of 'Guide 2- Moving to the UAE', there's a plethora of information to support you with the process.

While I will make a video in the future, The steps are as followed: 1. Solicitor Certification

Proving the copy is true by going to a lawyer with the original and the copy. Rates vary This doesn't cost too much and is easy to do yourself. 2. Apostille Legalisation

Before documents can be presented to the UAE Embassy in London, they need to have an Apostille certificate attached and sealed. This is an easy step that requires some time online. Link 3. UAE Embassy Attestation

The final UK step, during this stage, an official UAE-government sticker and seal is stuck on to the document. This then confirms to the authorities in the UAE that the paper has completed all the required steps in the UK.

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The challenging part for many 4. MoFA Attestation (UAE)

Once the document has reached the UAE, it requires a further attestation stamp by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE which validates that your document has been processed correctly in the UK. Some companies, like mine in the past, will do this part for you. Again, this is explained further in Guide 2- Moving to the UAE' The next question I get asked after seeing the list of steps is 'Can't someone just do it for me?'

YES! Not only can companies support doing this, I've also been able to partner with Argentum (recommended by the major schools here) to finally be able to offer a discount. This partnership has been a long time coming as they only usually partner with corporations but the link below will provide around £15 off the service which you can put to other uses...

If you are wondering what else you could put that saved money too... good news! Guide 2 is available and will support you with all of the steps you need to take both before and after moving to Dubai. I describe Guide 2 as a SYSTEM (Saving You Stress Time Energy and Money) There are more links like the one above to support you.

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